The Trial

The Trial !!! Franz Kafka

The Soul of the Plot

PrintOrson Welles is mostly known for his first film, Citizen Kane. Sometimes The Magnificent Ambersons will be thrown in there, but for the most part not much attention is paid to his later films. Only based on The Trial, it’s with good reason because it’s not as good as Citizen Kane. Not that it’s a terrible film or anything, there’s just not much innovation as far as I can see, and of course once you make an incredible film like Citizen Kane people are going to expect your later films to be just as fantastic, and it looks like in Welles’ case this was just not going to happen.

The Trial is based off of a novel by Franz Kafka, and it opens with Welles telling us a story.  It’s all about a man who comes to a door representing the “law” and is denied entrance. The…

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