David Icke

11706_577455195621264_981271738_n12509_395931493848418_1023803878_n12970_10151520384165482_705889762_nHello 🙂

Do you know about David Icke? We have come across some of his interesting work these last weeks. It has been so refreshing for our minds to hear someone who thinks totally out of this mainstream media-box the majority of human beings does. As you probably know by now, we are all about widen our horizons when it comes to different way of thinking and seeing our world. That is the magical part with spirituality. There is no end to it and we are definitely only in the beginning of our journey of never-ending evolvement.

David Icke speaks a lot about how our world is built up with corperations, secret governments etc. He explains why it is a tiny part of the world that has the most, and how come this system continues to feed itself. He is obviously fully aware and speaks about us human as…

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